Emma & Alex


So, you know those dream clients, the ones that remind you why you love your work? Emma and Alex were that couple. It has taken me FOREVER to put up pictures of them-perhaps because life is cray cray or perhaps because it means it’s really over!!

Every lovely detail captured flawlessly by  Catherine Cansler Photography

Every lovely detail captured flawlessly by Catherine Cansler Photography

The prettiest flowers you ever did see designed with love by  Petaline Floral

The prettiest flowers you ever did see designed with love by Petaline Floral

Hair by Style Bar and Makeup by Melissa Cubberley

Hair by Style Bar and Makeup by Melissa Cubberley

Emma is the most laid back person you will ever meet. Basically every meeting we had went like this: “I don’t care, whatever you think!” And then we would get back to our margaritas. Emma, though flexible, put a lot of work into every detail. She wanted to make double sure that their wedding was very “them,” that they stayed on budget, and that their guests had an amazing experience. I hope she feels like she met her goals. I think her day was a huge success, spoke so well of her and Alex, and her guests-as you will see-partied hard!


This photo of Alex is GOLD because let me tell you-he was the groom who was on it. Always first to a meeting, always analyzing the plan and making sure no detail was forgotten. Most dedicated Groom of the year award over here.

Also very spiffy.


Having their dogs in their first look shots was just about the cutest thing I’ve seen all year. And I have a really cute kid, ya’ll.


Ok before we get to ceremony I must point out-how full of joy is this girl?!? Like all her shots are gorgeous and she is laughing infectiously in 50% of them!! You should really be her friend.


Patton Chapel is such a timeless venue. It echos so much romance, and is stunning just bare bones, (meaning that you don’t have to spend lots of $$ on decorations!!) Let this space speak for itself.


So I can basically trace the night I got immensely spoiled and demanding back to Emma and Alex’s wedding because every one who walks through the doors of Saint Johns gets treated like a QUEEN. I mean I wasn’t even a guest but I was showered with amazing food (red snapper and risotto omg) and champagne cocktails (yes, they were pink) and I will never rest until my husband takes me back. Seriously. The best food of my life.

Greyline Trolleys brought us to and fro

Greyline Trolleys brought us to and fro


Saint Johns is obviously perfect in many ways, but what made this night so great was the ease of it all. They took care of tables, chairs, linens, food, drinks, cleanup, and were so great to work with. Not only that but their Chef was so talented and their wait staff was experienced and professional. That makes a WORLD of difference on a night as important as your wedding. 10/10 would come again and I am telling lots of brides that if they just don’t want to have to worry about a thing that Saint Johns is the place for them!!

Wade Evans, DJ Genius

Wade Evans, DJ Genius

Here’s where it gets bumpin’. Because the dance floor was basically the whole downstairs, it looked like the most raging dance party you’ve ever seen. There were not more than 10 people off the dance floor-thanks to Wade Evans for bringing the night home in the best way!!


*Sigh* I guess it’s really over now. Emma and Alex-you were the dream!! I wish you all the happiest love.



Photo’s by Catherine Cansler Photography

Venue: Patton Chapel and Saint Johns

Flowers: Petaline Floral Co.

Videography: BC Weds

DJ: Wade Evans

Makeup: Melissa Cubberley

Hair: Style Bar

Trolley: Grayline