December Vendor Spotlight: Chattanooga Espresso Catering

“Coffee is a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening…It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup”

-Gertrude Stein

Last month, I hosted a class up at Grandview with several AMAZING vendors that helped make it great. Among these friends were Ryn Loren Photography, The Copper Quail, Molly Nicole, White Table and Petaline Floral. But I had the great pleasure of working with a new company who was so generous with his time and resources and made the best damn espresso I’ve ever had. Let me introduce you to Ben Schnell, entrepreneur and owner of Chattanooga Espresso Catering:

Photography by  Ryn Loren Photography

Photography by Ryn Loren Photography

Ben initially learned his coffee trade as a barista at The Camp House, years ago here in Chattanooga. He then trained at Counter Culture’s lab in Atlanta. He enjoys making fancy drinks for his wife, Natalie and playing with his daughter, Eva.

From the beginning of my last-minute idea to host a class, Ben was super supportive. When I was pretty worried that no one would show up, and just hated the thought of having vendors waste their time, Ben said with such genuineness: “No matter how many brides or drinks, I’m just grateful to be involved. Even if no one shows up.”

These are the kind of friends I like to have! Those who realize that collaboration and relationship building is half the fun (and half the job) of owning your own business.

Here is how Ben describes his craft: “I make delicious espresso drinks using local beans roasted for maximum flavor. I finish the drinks with expertly steamed milk and photo-worthy latte art. My drinks are served with a smile and with a spirit of joy and gratitude, adding festive energy to every occasion.”

I can say from my experience that all of that is true! Check out this latte art:


Isn’t this lovely?! I need one right now!!! (seriously, someone get me some coffee it’s 5:30 am)

Fun Fact via Ben: Espresso is not a particular type of coffee bean or roast, it is a particular type of coffee brewing method that uses 132 pounds per square inch of pressure to force boiling water through finely ground coffee in about 20-30 seconds.


Among the adored drinks pulled from his gorgeous La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine are the Americano, Machiatto, Cortado, Cappuccino, Latte and Chai. Check out his website to see exactly what is in these, and his non-espresso options!


So on these chilly days, as you plan your upcoming event, think of Ben and his toasty coffee skills. You will be blown away by his excellent coffee and service. I would be honored to have him on my team any time of the year!

Double Americano, please!