having a planner

If you're a Bride who is feeling overwhelmed by all the "Should do's" of wedding planning, and you are longing for some direction and freedom to rest then you have come to the right place. I'm so glad you're here! I love to come alongside a Bride and her family to help make sense of the wedding planning process. There is so much on your to-do list and I know it's overwhelming! I believe wholeheartedly that you don't have to invest in something just because you "should," but that a huge part of planning is diving deep into the question: "what is important to you?" so we can craft your budget, vision and every lovely detail intentionally around that answer.

My mission is to be your biggest advocate while ensuring your day reflects the very best of who you are. You're the Bride! You and you fiance should be given the gift of knowing your day is being executed seamlessly, so you can soak in every moment from getting engaged to hopping in the getaway car!  

If you want to know more about my process, I would love to grab coffee or a glass of red and tell you in person how much I would love to be on your team.


About Me:

Though Chattanooga is home now, I'm originally from Middle Tennessee, and all my lovely family is still there. As a new mom, police wife and entrepreneur, I know time is precious! I am an avid list maker, task manager and meal planner, and try to keep my life as systematic as possible, although having a baby and Husky often makes my house feel out of control! It's true that my life has changed a lot this year, but my passion for wedding planning is stronger than ever. I love the challenge and beautiful investment that comes with each new event. More than that (get ready for some sap) I love how relational my job is. After each wedding, it is hard to say goodbye to my Bride and her family, and it's not rare to see me tearing up after breakdown!  


Ashley is a Wedding + Event Planner serving Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Southeast.